Modern Physics Teacher at EPITA

The goal of this course is to entice people to learn by themselves on technological advances. In this course, understanding is put forward in relation to learning. This course is based on modern physics and its origin and concluded with unusual technologies to give students a desire for creativity.

This course is dedicated to third-year students. It was optionnal in 2009 (with 47 p.) and added among main lectures in 2010 (with 84 p.).


  1. Light: The experiments that led to the conclusion that « c » is a constant.
  2. Relativity: Proof of relativity and the equation E = mc2.
  3. Quantification: Black bodies, Electron charge and Spin.
  4. Wave-particle duality: Remarkable experiences.
  5. Wave function: The mathematical tools and the Schrödinger equation.
  6. Uncertainty principle of Heisenberg: The diffraction and the Casimir effect.
  7. Unusual propulsions: Ramjet, lifter...